Fuel Your Way To Your Hotel Destination

When you have a long journey ahead of you, travelling for a leisure break, a conference, or to some far flung destination, you may be spending a long time on roads that aren't necessarily serviced by petrol stations. Although, once you get to your hotel, you can kick off your shoes and relax in relative luxury - it's vitally important that you get to that hotel destination. Therefore, you must ensure that you plan and pack for your journey sufficiently. 

Self Bunded Storage Tank - Proven Performer

If you are travelling you require large volumes of fuel to be available on-site, using bunded fuel tanks is the storage solution you need. In other words, use a self bunded tank. It is a tank within a tank which comes with double steel walls that support effective and safe storage of fuel. A self bunded tank is easy to relocate and can be used even in remote locations. It can also be manufactured according to the specific requirements for you or your business and comes complete with fuel dispensing and management systems.


A self bunded tank can store large amounts of liquids. It has the ability to hold fuel ranging from 1,000 to 140,000 litres. You won't have to leave the premises to have vehicles refueled when you store this amount of fuel on-site. It will cut down on the time and resources you have to spend travelling to and from refueling stations. It's easy installation also minimizes related costs and time spent to have it set-up.


A self bunded container can be used to store fuel and other liquids as well. It is suitable for chemical application, biodiesel, petrochemical, petroleum, oil and waste oil. Installation is simple and direct, and additional equipment may also be fitted according to your requirements. fuel tanks are also easily installed, and some models are even portable so that you are able to relocate them when needed easily.


A self bunded tank is built tough. Its double steel walls prevent spillage and leaks of the liquids contained. The container provides two walls to prevent the liquid from spilling through and polluting the complete region. However, spillage through the first wall, which is also called the bund wall, is highly unlikely as it is a sturdy structure designed to prevent any leak or deluge of the liquids stored. Its durability and strength is something you can rely on for years to come.

Most reputable oil tank manufacturers and retailers will offer bunding as standard. However, if by chance you are offered a single skin model, remember that a bunded version is only a little more expensive and could save you thousand dollars in the event of your tank splitting. If you run the type of business or travelling that demands constant fuel for vehicles and machinery or if you simply need a reliable storage system, the bunded fuel tanks is the solution you need.